14kt or 18kt - What's the difference?

14kt or 18kt - What's the difference?

The term karat (kt) is used to identify the pureness of gold, while carat (ct) is used when referencing the weight of a stone. Pure gold is referenced as 24 kt gold which means that it is 24 parts gold. Gold that is 18 kt is 75% gold (or 18 out of 24 parts), 14kt is 58.3% gold (or 14 out of 24 parts). When you mix gold with other metals, creating an alloy, it increases strength and hardness of the gold.

Most jewelry is made from 14kt (14 parts gold mixed 10 parts of other metals). 18kt contains more gold than 14kt and can look more buttery and yellow and can be slightly softer. 

Typical Gold Alloys: 

White Gold – Gold, nickel, copper and zinc

Yellow Gold – Gold, copper, silver and zinc

Rose Gold – Gold, copper, silver

But remember, all jewelry is delicate and should be handled with tender loving care!